Mindfulness Courses

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Dr. Derek Mitchell is running Mindfulness courses (in English) that go for eight weeks. They are usually run on Thursday Evenings 7-9pm at Indigo. Derek is a UK trained Clinical Psychologist with 13 years clinical experience and personal mindfulness practice.

During the course participants learn in a systematic way, how to train their attention to be more often with their immediate sensory experience (e.g. their breathing, their emotions, body sensations, what they can see and hear in the moment) as opposed to being too caught up in habitual and automatic thinking, worrying or brooding about the present, past or future.

The course is called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and it has been shown in many studies to confer all sorts of physical and emotional health benefits. For more details and dates for the next course you can look at Derek’s website www.the mindfulpsychologist.net or by email at Derek@Indigo-Cambodia.com.